Saturday, December 19, 2009

A snowy day....

I heard on one of the news or weather casts that 50 million Americans are impacted by today's storm. They added that number represents approximately one in every six of us. Well I am one of those. And while I am absolutely delighted by this meteorological event, I am bothered by the real need to go outside and shovel. That I do dread. And no longer owning a snow blower, I find myself troubled by the thought of going outside and starting this chore. After all, the weather is frightful.
Perhaps I will just settle further into my winter slumber, have a glass of some funny looking dark beverage and gaze upon the fireplace. Yes, live is good in this part of the country, if only for today.

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Anonymous said...

Sell the house, wife, kids, car and move to a warm climate. You'll never have to shovel snow again. I did, I sold the house at least and moved into an apartment. :)