Sunday, August 15, 2010

What was that!?!?!?

Well what a surprise this is?!?!?!?
This morning is the first time I even tried to look at our blog in a month. I followed a link from a blog over at titled Veiled Ember and followed one of my comments back here. Well this is wonderful. As many of you know, Google shut this, our other two blogs and our e-mail account down sometime in the beginning of the Summer. I was hugely disappointed. I also suspected that a disgruntled and most certainly "anonymous" poster on Literotica, one who might not like Hotwife themed stories, retaliated with a negative comment to Google. Perhaps not, but everything ceased.
Sometime in late July, I was able to restore the e-mail account. There I found several concerned messages from many of you. Thank you.
Well, we are now back. I intend to ultimately replicate this blog over at wordpress and to continue on here as before.
I hope all has been well with all of you. And yes, we are most well, very happy, enjoying our Summer and still somewhat playing nicely with others. I think that we may have a lot to post in the coming weeks.