Sunday, September 6, 2009

It really is a bit like the movie Jaws.......

What summer Holiday weekend is complete, without a Jaws marathon on cable. This weekend, I believe it is running on Max, so there will be no Jaws playing on the Ally / RMG house televisions. But there is the next best thing.....

Beaches Closed After Great Whites Swim Near
Two Great White Sharks Tagged Off Cape Cod

In the nice Cape Cod town of Chatham, Great White Sharks have been spotted off of the beaches resulting in those east facing beaches being closed until next weekend. Even more remarkable, is that these Sharks have been tagged by marine biologists. Apparently this is some sort of first in the Great White Shark tagging world. This should prove absolutely fascinating as these critters are reported to swim tremendous distances for hinting and mating purposes. I can just imagine the excitement next summer when they pop up along Ocean City, MD, Virginia Beach, VA and Atlantic City, NJ.

You can read a report of this Cape Cod visit on the ABC Boston affiliate's web page. There is some video posted too. I think CNN is carrying this story as well.

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Dewey's System said...

When I'm diving off the ocean or surfing, sharks are the animals I think about the most. Would hate to be eaten by one.