Tuesday, September 1, 2009

From casualencounters.com and craigslist

I just stumbled upon this at casualencounters.com
Yes, I laughed my ass off.

compliments to and seen on casualencounters.com


Anonymous said...

Wow...that was special!

Spnk MeRed said...

how does one stomp the train like a monster but not break it?...if you break it do you still get to bing the imitation crab meat home?...those and so many other questions this ad raises

Stray Together said...

This is hysterical! Gives true meaning to LMAO. :D


Jack and Jill said...

This really isn't my scene, but never underestimate the lengths I'm willing to go for fake crab meat. :)


Vixen said...

Um.... I'm speechless......