Saturday, September 5, 2009

Happy Labor Day Weekend!

For our friends in the States, this is a long weekend, with a Monday holiday. While honoring the hard working men and women in this country, Labor Day also marks the unofficial end of summer, punctuating the traditional Northern school summer calendar. It is a time for the last run up to the beach, or to the mountains or the last cook out with friends and family. While it often a fun weekend, it is embraced by man of us with just a touch of melancholy as we look forward to change of the seasons, the return to school, and the expectation that the Holiday season is just around the corner as is the cold winter weather.
I have been surprised since we started our blogs at how many visitors we receive from other countries, let alone other continents. Over at mysexyhotwife We seem to have found some regular followers in China, Hong Kong, certain Southeast Asian nations, the Sub Asian nations, and the Middle East. We have some occasional visitors from African nations. There are some friends from Australia and New Zealand too. And of course, there are our European friends who drop by on occasion. And there is a large core group here in this hemisphere and of course in the United States.
I wish to extend a big and sincere Thank You to all of you that visit, and also to those that offer comments on these posts and send e-mails with your own thoughts fantasies and even pictures. We do enjoy the feedback.
As we approach a rather large milestone in overall visits to sexyhotwife blog since last September 2008, it is interesting for me to note that we have really only had some 16,000 or so unique visits since we started this blog almost two years ago. Yet we apparently have a fairly large group of maybe 500 or so visitors that visit somewhat regularly resulting in such large overall numbers. It is absolutely fascinating that so many people are interested in reading about us, seeing the occasional pictures of us and the occasional friend, and reading and looking at images of some of our fantasies. One need not look any further than the side of this and my other blogs to see that I regularly visit many of you too.
So enjoy your weekend! We have no plans as of yet for this weekend. We may go up to the beach or the lake, or maybe we will just enjoy the weekend at home with each other. Or maybe we will do all of those things and see what kind of fun we just find........We are both still in the mood for some play.
Have fun!
I may just need to post some historic Labor Day and Summer pictures later this morning... ;)

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