Thursday, November 6, 2008

Wicked Weasel Competition......... Post From The Other Blog

I am so enamored with Wicked Weasel bikinis and attire. For those of you not familiar with WW, it is a brand of very sexy bikinis and other attire from Australia. They have quite a following in the US and Europe. I suspect they are a staple of the Hotwife couples who vacation in warmer destinations. Every time I visit their website, I browse a little looking to find the perfect bikinis to give Ally for a fun tropical vacation. Every Thursday, they post the results of their Bikini Competition. Just because it is Thursday, I thought it appropriate to post some of this weeks entrants and my all time favorite, Tempa who hails from Arizona. First though, let me present Nicole, who posted last week. I can almost imagine Ally wearing this little dress on some island this winter. Knowing her, she probably wouldn't wear underwear either!
And this is Tempa. She was a semi finalist in 2006, which is about when I first stumbled upon this site. For my money, she is beautiful and very sexy! And I would bet, she is quite a flirt too! She looks like she would be fun to have a drink with at a beach side bar somewhere. I'd love for Ally and I to get acquainted with Tempa and her husband. I don't know if she is Hotwife, but she certainly reminds me of the type, like my own wife, that would be.
Here are links to both of Tempa's rounds and another for Wicked Weasel in case you missed them above.
Wicked Weasel Website
Tempa First Round Miami
Tempa Second Round Las Vegas

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link--great site and pics. Are most of the suits supposed to be see-through? LOL. I love the cameltoe and more...