Thursday, November 20, 2008

A Serious Error and Bad Choice of Judgement

I made a mistake. And I offended someone in the blog world that I admire immensely.
In my rush to share with the followers of this blog those blogs that I found to be well written and fun to visit, I disregarded proper blog etiquette, good taste and proper manners.
I gave a call out to a blog and posted a picture from that blog, with a link, without asking permission.
I know better. I most likely would have been offended and angered by a similar action by another blogger.
More troubling for me, is that this individual, who has a wonderfully constructed blog with engaging and well written posts that I find relevant to my own life as a parent and husband, has now been offended by my actions.
I am shamed by my actions and I am truly sorry for my lack of judgement and very poor behavior.

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