Sunday, October 12, 2008

What Blog Would Not Complete Without This?!?

October 12, 2008
A Few Of My Favorite Things.....................
  1. My Wife and Daughter.....without whom I would not be complete.
  2. The beach.....really, almost any beach. A day bad day at the beach is better than any other day.
  3. Fall. I love it. I was born in it, and I revel in it's beauty.
  4. Top down driving. Yes, I am a rag top kind of guy.
  5. My Dog.
  6. The presidential election process. This one is a little tough to take, but I enjoy the entire process, from the primary in New Hampshire through the inauguration.
  7. The Sunday New York Times in bed on a rainy Sunday morning.
  8. Shopping for presents for my wife and daughter.
  9. Going out to dinner with my bride.
  10. Going for drinks with my bride after work.
  11. Watching my daughter grow up.
  12. The cats. (I still like dogs more!)
  13. Tulips. They are just so varied and cool.
  14. The space program.
  15. Music. All kinds.
  16. Going to the movies. And popcorn too!
  17. Going to the beach.
  18. Googling old friends.
  19. Meeting new people.
  20. Wearing a new tie.
  21. Wearing new shoes that fit.
  22. Cooking a special meal.
  23. Buying a new CD.
  24. Wandering around a small book store.
  25. Wandering around a small antique shop and finding that one thing I absloutely need.
  26. Christmas.
  27. Thanksgiving.
  28. Summer.
  29. Spring.
  30. Snow.
  31. Thunderstorms.
  32. Clean new sheets.

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