Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Another Woody!!!

I can remember quite where this photo came from. I certainly hope it isn't from someone's blog, although it probably started on one I suppose. Nonetheless, I think it is great picture of a very cool Woody and a very sexy gal. I hope that you agree!

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woodie69 said...

Nice woodies, cars that is! I have 3 in my collection. Love them almost as much as sex.
Wife and I have had a couple of mfm 3 sums and I loved it. Also swung with a few couples.She hasn't embraced it nearly as much as I had hoped. It is a blast seeing her pleasured by another guy and also by both of us. We discuss it a lot during sex and she gets really hot and wet, but after seldom has a desire to repeat it. I do think we are going to a club this weekend. Hopefully it will lead to more wild 3 way sex for her.