Sunday, December 26, 2010

Let It Snow!

Here on the east coast, we are bracing for a significant snow event today and tomorrow. Certain areas in the southeast and mid-Atlantic have already been impacted by this coastal storm. By midday tomorrow, a large portion of the population on the east coast will be in the midst of digging out and dealing with this storm and its after effects.
As I write this, I am certain the local supermarkets' supplies of milk, bread and soup are nearly exhausted. Nothing like a little snow storm to send people scrambling to the store to stock up for the impending end of travel. I don't follow that little ritual and I don't generally shop on Black Friday other. But I do find big storms very sexy. Of course, when lived briefly in the Midwest and we were exposed to when seemingly appeared to be daily blizzards, I lost my love for the white stuff. And when left the Land of Lincoln for the sunny shores of Peach State, we also left our snow blower behind. I am feeling remorse for the decision, and even today, several years later, I have no replaced my dependable snow blower, feeling as if I had lost a loyal pet that I could not replace. I may rethink this position and I nearly did last year after all of that snow. Today we are looking at somewhere between 6" and perhaps a bit more than a foot of the white stuff. Given the temperature and humidity level, I suspect and have heard that it will be relatively dry. So, shoveling should not be so excruciatingly painful and really can be put off until manna.
Which brings me back to storms. I find them sexy. It can be a tropical storm or a Nor'easter. I find these little gifts from above to be very sexy. I like to stay in and play or go out and get into a little trouble at the local tavern, revelling with others in the integrity of our Gore Tex and own sheer abilities to circumnavigate the neighborhoods wrought by high winds, driving rains and snow drifts. Today will be no different. I will entice Ally to venture out with me for some supplies. I think a case or two of beer maybe in order. I have a certain seasonal brew on my mind today. And then secure in our knowledge that we can survive for at least a day, stop by a pub for a quick pop of our favorite beverages.
Perhaps while we are out we will engage others like us, who brave the elements so we walk around in our sturdy stylish footwear and Christmas sweaters and make new friends. Ah, new friends in a snow storm. Such events in my life have led to life long friends and a couple of very sexy and memorable encounters.
So today, I say Let It Snow!

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