Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Some Blog Issues.....

For those of you visiting from the other blog, you may have noticed that I have moved it to an "invite only" visitor status. Please don't be alarmed. We noticed some peculiar activity on our browser and our visitor list. As such, I have decided to "park" that blog for the moment until I can determine what was happening. I expect that this won't take very long to unravel.

I have also deleted the picture blog. Apparently one of the last posts may have violated the terms of our Blog agreement. Whether it did or did not, I elected to simply delete it rather than appeal to the Google Blog Supreme Court of Appeals. As I said when I created that picture blog, it was probably more of whim than something I really wanted to stick with. And so it has come to pass.
See you all very soon.

1 comment:

Dude said...

I absolutely don't get the terms of service shit with Blogger. They have blogs that have been around for years with some pretty hardcore shit. They must have some new bible-thumper working there now.

My Beautiful Cock blog was "violated" by Blogger. I requested a review and waited patiently. Every time I checked it would say it's waiting for a review. Then one day it wasn't waiting for a review. It had been put back on "restriction," and available to authors only.

So...I changed it to Beautiful Bunnies, and put up pictures of cute rabbits...then requested a review. Still nothing.

What's the point of having an adult content warning if you're gonna get doinked by Blogger? Sheesh!