Sunday, April 5, 2009

What just happened?

Ally and I had a nice Saturday. We went out for some drinks and had a nice dinner out. We came home and had a few drinks and listened to some music. Then we retired to the bedroom and I flipped around the channels and ended up watching Geraldo. Yes, that Geraldo. I rarely watch Fox and only do so for balance. But what he reported and everyone else has been since really just seemed almost too fantastic.
  1. Three police officers murdered in Pittsburgh.
  2. Four children found murdered in a home near Tacoma after their dead father was found in a neighboring community.
  3. More information on the Binghampton rampage.
  4. And there was the ICBM or Rocket launch by North Korea.
  5. And some crazy wildfires.................
It almost all seemed too fantastic to be real. Is something occurring here that we are all missing. Is something in play? I know that I had a few beers on board but it almost seemed like I was watching a Stephen King made for TV movie.

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