Saturday, January 24, 2009

Another post on women's shoes.....

Honestly, I do not have any sort of shoe fetish. But as I mentioned on one of these blogs, I have developed an appreciation of sorts for women's shoes and on occasion, often with the benefit of a drink or two, indulge my sexy wife with an unexpected trip to the store and a purchase of some very unnecessary foot wear. Therein most likely lies a fundamental difference between most men and most women. Men purchase shoes based upon practicality, social acceptance and comfort. Price and durability come into play as well. Many women purchase shoes based upon emotion. And I find no fault with that at all. To that end, and in a continuing effort to put off unit tomorrow that which I should be doing now, I offer the following selections that i just found on the Nordstrom site. The Stuart Weitzman 'Bamada' Slingback
The Jessica Bennett 'Kosta' Pump
The Stuart Weitzman 'Wicky' Slingback Pump

All of these are available at Nordstrom's and other fine retailers..... ;)


Mary said...

I like the look of the last shoe, except I don't like how thick the sole under the toe of the shoe is. The incredibly high heel already give you plenty of height, and the thick sole just makes your feet look clunky.

It reminds me (on a much smaller scale) of the platform heels that strippers wear, and I don't think those are attractive at all!

So, of those choices the first one would be my favorite.

Amorous Rocker said...

I like that last shoe, sexy sexy.

I love shoes but I don't own many. I'm too practical to spend money on shoes I wouldn't hardly wear, lol.

Insatiable Kate said...

I am drooling over those slingback pumps, and I own three pair just like them!
I am a total shoe girl...but I'm pretty little without them, so I enjoy the height of a nice sexy heel.