Tuesday, December 30, 2008

In between the Holidays....

Tuesday, December 30, 2008
Ever since I was a little guy, I have absolutely adored this time of year. There is nothing really special about that. Many people feel the same way that I do. Early on during my career, I began to plan and schedule vacation time around this time. Soon, it always seemed to become impacted by work and family events. Try as I may, I tried to schedule vacation before or during the Holidays. And every year, something would happen that would prevent me from truly just kicking back and enjoying time with my family. This year is no different. Both my best friend and I are busy with work obligations and have only been able to schedule a few days off. And already, just as I did when I was a little guy, I am beginning to dread next week. Ah yes, next week when traffic returns to normal and everyone is back in high gear as if we hadn't just spent the previous two weeks celebrating, sleeping in, maxing credit cards, and wishing for snow. Some of you did get snow and are in fact getting it again today. I'm not.
These past two years have been both challenging and rewarding. I suspect this coming year will be no different but I am optimistic that many good things will present themselves this year for us. And I hope they do for all of you too!

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Happy New Year!