Saturday, April 4, 2009

Jeep's a Jeep thing?

Who knew? I had no idea that girls went for Jeeps. I knew about biker chicks and their Harley's and their guys with Harley's. And of course there is the whole boat thing. Buy a boat. Go into debt. Girls flock to boat. Girls get naked. Girls have fun. Boy gets further into debt.

But Jeeps? I suppose I missed this whole thing. And it appears that it has been going on for quite a while too.
Maybe I should look into a Jeep. They cost less than a boat! ;)


Married Bull said...

I've already got the boat, maybe a Jeep too? I wonder???

Anonymous said...

I love Jeeps! But my own ;)

Sexy PTA Mom said...

Is it just me, or is there a giant penis growing out of the stomach of the woman in camo on the yellow jeep? It's just me, huh?

relevent married guy said...

Sexy PTA .....what the hell is that?

Simon said...

Thats a friends wife posing on the hood of His Rubicon! That is Her left hand! He has more interesting ones too! That was taken in Clarksville, TN.